Flaunt Your Own Brand

As unique as you are, your style follows you - whether privately or openly to the world.
You know who you are and who you want to be. Other brands don't define you because
you are your very own brand. So let your own style, your brand, your personality dazzle in
any way you want it to with Lyflike in your hands and a sparkle in your heart.

Create Yourself

With just a selfie you can have a virtual YOU in the palm of your hands - a lifelike 3D avatar that looks, measures and moves exactly like you do. Travel to different worlds, dress up in thousands of varied styles, change your appearance, control your avatar, and see yourself doing much, much more without ever getting off your couch.

Dress Up

Click a photo of a friend, grab a celeb pic off the internet, or instantly share a clothing product from any shopping app or web store into Lyflike and you can see your avatar dressed in the very same clothes from those pictures. Find out how they would look on you when you’re walking, dancing, posing or just hanging out. It’s your chance to now try on anything from anywhere no matter where you are.

Be a Designer

With a huge variety of styles to choose from, just select a garment and customize its cut, fit, colors, patterns and fabrics to create your very own designer wear. From leather to fur and satin to linen, stripes to florals and animal prints to dependable solids, anything you dream of can be yours.

The Right Fit

Once you’ve found your perfect look, instantly find out your ideal size based on your avatar’s measurements. No longer do you need to dig out measuring tapes and become a contortionist or go through armfuls of clothes at retail store dressing rooms attempting to find your perfect size. Because we’ll give it to you, just like that. Then use it to shop online without second guessing which fit is right for you.

Buy The Look

Once you’re sure of the look and fit for your taste, shape and mood, we’ll show you exactly where you can shop it for real online. Your apparel is sure to be available on e-commerce web stores and with Lyflike, finding it on the internet is just a click away. We take care of the matching so that you can focus on getting exactly what you want smoothly, quickly and without hassle.

Are You Lyfing Yet?

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